Ten-Pack Preroll Tins

Each strain in our 10-pack series is brought to life with the art of Buchanan-based illustrator Carla Schierling. In her own words: 

“Producing and creating art has always been what I wanted to with my life even at a young age. I was one of those many kids that were by themselves most of the time quietly drawing in the background. My artwork is heavily inspired by personal interactions and music.” 

Carla collaborates with the Redbud Roots cultivation team to learn the history of each strain prior to putting pen to paper. Through the strain art development process, she showcases the flavors, aromas, and effects that personify each strain. 

These limited-edition tins are available exclusively through partnerships with Redbud Roots. Collect them all to access the magic each strain’s art has to offer. 

Collect Them All!

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