Getting the RBR Fam Together for 420

Come one, come all as we celebrate a 420 FAMILY REUNION at all three Redbud Roots Provisioning Centers! Bring a friend and a mask to Redbud Roots Acme, Redbud Roots Muskegon, or Redbud Roots Kalamazoo for food, friends, and plenty of fun.

Come early to rep your roots

Snag a swag bag stuffed with fresh RBR merch if you're on site and spending money at the beginning of the day!

  • Muskegon: first 150 customers starting at 10am

  • Kzoo: first 100 customers starting at 10am

  • Acme: first 25 patients starting at 11am

Meet your new best buds

Each PC will play host to members of our Production teams from HQ. We're stoked to get the team out on the road to meet you!

  • Acme – Adam Church, Rosin Raconteur Himself

  • Muskegon – Joe "Too Fresh" Zeller from the Infamous Grow Team

  • Kzoo - Hunter Mishler, Director of Production Science

Getting the fam together

Cannabis community means local community, and we love supporting local! Please plan to bring a mask and socially distance, you won't want to miss out.

  • Music -

  • Muskegon: DJ Prim

  • Kzoo: DJs

  • Blockbusta

  • Pandamonium

  • Anubis

  • Food -

  • Acme:

  • Clembino's Donuts

  • Kzoo:

  • Waller BBQ

  • BigBaby Delights

  • Muskegon:

  • Abeshi Ghanian Cuisine

  • Two Bones BBQ

  • Karina's Food

  • Voyage Asai Bowls

  • Captains Wheel

  • Art -

  • Muskegon:

  • Psycle Sams

  • Adam Fagundo, wood art

  • Sweet Spot, disc golf

  • Sam Negen, art

Connect with the extended fam

We're welcoming some of your favorite brands to hang with us on site on Tuesday 4/20. Be sure to step out and say hi to pick up some goodies!

  • In Muskegon

  • Lemonati Family Farms

  • Peregrine Manufacturing

  • Noble Road

  • In Acme

  • Hydro 45

  • Athena

  • Loraflux

  • In Kzoo

  • Choice Concentrates

  • Midnight Roots

  • Crude Boys

  • Harbor Farmz

  • Sarah Jane

And don't forget to shop!

Specials at all three provisioning centers - fill your cart and earn Redbud Roots product at all tiers while supplies last!

  • Spend $50 – get a pack of RBR RAPID RUSH gummys (Blood Orange, Summer Dreams, Apple Pie, Purple Reign)

  • Spend $125 – get a pack of RBR gummys

  • + 1 gram flower (all tiers, including Temple Organic Grown)

  • Spend $200 – get a pack of RBR gummys

  • + gram

  • + RBR RAPID RELIEF Citrus Blast Spray Tincture

  • Spend $300 – get a pack of RBR gummys

  • + gram

  • + citrus blast

  • + ½ oz. Blue Dream

  • Spend $420 – get a pack of RBR gummys

  • + gram

  • + citrus blast

  • + ½ oz. Blue Dream

  • + RBR 420-exclusive t-shirt

  • Spend $600 – get a pack of RBR gummys

  • + gram

  • + citrus blast

  • + ½ oz. flower Blue Dream

  • + RBR 420-exclusive t-shirt

  • + 1 ounce flower

Our partner brands will also be offering some one-day-only deals on their products in shop:

In Muskegon + Kalamazoo

Buy Monster Extracts from now until 4/20 and enter to win a 55-inch flat screen TV!

(winner announced at 7pm drawing at each location, must be present to win)

Day of the event:

  • Buy one, get one free on cookies, brownies, and rice crispies from Peregrine Manufacturing

In Kalamazoo only

  • Harbor Farmz - Free Preroll with 50 dollar purchase

  • Crude Boyz - $2.00 off any product

At Acme, Kalamazoo, and Muskegon

  • $2 off Choice Chews

  • Buy two, get one free on True North

All spend amounts are pre-tax. We will not be offering any other discounts during the day of the events. Sign up for our loyalty program to earn rewards points for every purchase, redeemable for RBR product. New members receive 25% off a future purchase after signing up!

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