Product of the Month: Full Spectrum Vape Carts

We've updated our High-Terpene Full Spectrum Extract Cartridge with a new name! Full Spectrum Vape Carts from Redbud Roots provide the same great cultivar-specific live resin experience at a distillate price.

Redbud Roots Full Spectrum Vape Carts are available in the following strains:

  • Green Crack

  • Zombie Cheese

  • Black Cherry

  • Black Diesel

  • Cherry Cookies

  • CiCi

  • Clementine

  • Dawg Biscuts

  • Garlic Jam

  • Gorilla Cookies

  • Gorilla Glue

  • Guava Jam

  • Jack Herer

  • Mango Sherbert

  • MediGlue

  • Mimosa

  • Snoop Dawg

  • Strawberry Glue

  • WiFi OG

  • CiCi

  • Pure THC Distillate

Fast Facts About Redbud Roots Full Spectrum Vape Carts

  • High potency, cultivar-specific flavor, and natural complexities

  • 1 gram, 510 CCELL vape cartridge

  • Terps are cultivar specific to maintain true-to-strain experience

The vape cart has become a staple in many consumers’ repertoire of cannabis products. The portability, convenience, and potent experience make for compelling arguments for trying this distinctly modern interpretation of cannabis products. In an increasingly crowded market segment, what makes the Full Spectrum line of cartridges different from the others?

RBR uses only cannabis derived products in the creation of these cartridges. By working with our cultivation partners to perfectly preserve the very essence of a single cultivar, we re-introduce exceptionally high levels of terpenes to exceptionally pure distillate. This combination of strain specific, full spectrum terpenes with pure THC distillate allows RBR to craft strain-specific effects with all the potency of a traditional distillate cart. Every strain is sure to deliver mouthwatering terpene profiles with distinct and profound experiences.

This best of both worlds approach gives all the flavor of a live resin cart with the incredibly potent experience that distillate offers all in one of the most affordable cartridges on the market. Presented in a CCELL cartridge, these products are extensively tested and proven to be safe repeatedly. Experience the spectrum of cannabis in true RBR fashion where quality and value are perfected through the merging of science and art.

Full Spectrum Vape Carts Available for Wholesale - MED

Full Spectrum Vape Carts Available for Wholesale – REC

Full Spectrum Vape Carts Available for Retail – MED

  • 7Engines, Buchanan

  • Zen Leaf, Buchanan

  • Redbud Roots - Acme

  • Bloom City Club, Ann Arbor

  • Cloud Cannabis Co., Ann Arbor

  • Herbology Ann Arbor

  • North Coast Provisions - Arborside, Ann Arbor

  • Pinnacle Emporium - Buchanan

  • Zen Leaf, Buchanan

  • Jars Cannabis West Detroit

  • 420 Factory, LLC, Detroit

  • Utopia Gardens, Detroit

  • 20 Past 4, Jackson

  • Mood Cannabis Co., Jackson

  • GREEN CULTURE, Jackson

  • Exclusive Kzoo, Kalamazoo

  • Redbud Roots - Kalamazoo

  • Canna Klub, Luzerne

  • Pinnacle Emporium - Morenci, Morenci

  • Park Place Provisionary, Muskegon

  • Redbud Roots - Muskegon

  • The Fire Station, Negaunee

  • Exit 9 Provisionary, Nunica

Full Spectrum Vape Carts Available for Wholesale – REC

  • North Coast Provisions, Adrian

  • Highwire Farms LLC, Adrian

  • Heads Cannabis Co, Adrian

  • Herbology Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor

  • Cloud Cannabis, Ann Arbor

  • Om of Medicine, Ann Arbor

  • Quality Roots, Battle Creek

  • Shango, Bay City

  • Nature's Medicine, Bay City

  • Premiere Provisions, Big Rapids

  • Bloom City Club Burton, Burton

  • Sozo Health, Cheboygan

  • The Hempire Collective, Clare

  • The Dude Abides, Constantine

  • Glazed and Confused, Crystal Falls

  • Lumberjack's Provisioning Center, Dowling

  • Edmore Provisioning Center, Edmore

  • Dr. A's Re-Leaf Center, Edwardsburg

  • NOBO Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg

  • Green buddha, Ferndale

  • 3fifteen Plainfield, Grand Rapids

  • Exclusive Grand Rapids

  • Fluresh, Grand Rapids

  • Quality Roots, Hamtramck

  • Consume, Harrisville

  • New Standard, Hazel Park

  • Shango, Hazel Park

  • ArCanna, Ionia

  • 20 Past 4, Jackson

  • Choice Michigan Ave., Jackson

  • Green Tree Relief, Jackson

  • Green Culture, Jackson

  • Herbology Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo

  • Redbud Roots - Kalamazoo

  • The Refinery, Kalamazoo

  • Jars, Lansing

  • Jars, Mt. Pleasant

  • Cannabis Lupus Cafe, Marquette

  • The Fire Station Marquette, Marquette

  • Park Place Provisionary, Muskegon

  • Redbud Roots - Muskegon

  • Cloud Cannabis Muskegon

  • The Fire Station, Negaunee

  • Green Stem Provisioning, Niles

  • Exit 9 Provisioning Center, Nunica

  • Jars Owosso