Our mission is to positively impact both individuals as well as communities through a patient-centric approach to the cultivation and manufacturing of premier cannabis products, representing our dedication to the advancement of the human condition through education, charity, and science.

Redbud Root’s vision is to build medical grade commercial cultivation facilities, provisioning centers, processing labs and be a leader in this rapidly growing industry. Our goals are simple and direct. Own and operate cannabis cultivation facilities and make a significant impact on the medical community. Let's change healthcare together.


Each of our facilities are specifically designed to produce state of the art medicine for our patient driven approach.  We use top of the line materials to produce the cleanest and purest product in the industry.  Our approach to each facility is completely different.  Some facilities are centered around LED lighting and tiered racking systems, while others incorporate HID and Plasma combinations to tailor each room around the needs of our different strains. Our lab facility utilizes several different extraction methods which allows us to make pure, precise concentrates. This also allows us to incorporate multiple cannabinoids and terpenes into a single medicine to meet the different needs of different ailments.

Redbud Roots Medical Marijuana

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